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Local Projects Incubator

La iniciativa de la «Incubadora de Proyectos Locales» es una propuesta innovadora del Festival Internacional de Cine de Yopal (F.I.C.Y) que busca brindar una vitrina de exhibición a proyectos cinematográficos y/o audiovisuales en desarrollo a través de la página web del festival. El objetivo de esta iniciativa es que los realizadores y productores de los proyectos, a través de un pitch, logren capturar la atención de inversores privados y públicos para alcanzar una meta presupuestal planteada mediante la figura de crowdfunding, con el fin de financiar su presupuesto.

The F.I.C.Y acts as guarantor in the proper management of the resources obtained through the Local Projects Incubator, verifying the suitability of the projects displayed there. This approach allows projects in development the opportunity to obtain financing and support for their realization, which encourages the creation of local cinema and contributes to the development of the film industry in the region.

The F.I.C.Y Local Projects Incubator becomes a platform that connects filmmakers and producers with potential investors, promoting collaboration and mutual support between the film community and the public interested in cinema. Furthermore, as it is managed by the festival, it ensures that the resources obtained are used appropriately and transparently, providing confidence and support to investors and the creators of the projects.

In summary, the F.I.C.Y Local Projects Incubator is an initiative that offers a unique opportunity for film and/or audiovisual projects in development to obtain financing and support, while guaranteeing proper management of resources and verifying quality. of the projects exhibited on the festival platform

The House of Comas

Increasingly, regional cinema is gaining recognition and admiration at a national and international level, and you too can be part of this cultural revolution. Attend screenings, promote these films among your friends and on your social networks, and help spread the culture of your region.

La casa del Comas
The house of Comas@lacadadelcomas
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You will discover an unparalleled mystery within our great and wonderful territory
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