Ficy festival



The Yopal International Film Festival (F.I.C.Y)

F.I.C.Y TALKS is a series of conferences or conversations organized as part of the Yopal International Film Festival (FICY), in which prominent, famous and influential people from the world of cinematography are invited to share their experiences, knowledge and perspectives on cinema and all its applications. These meetings offer a unique opportunity for the festival audience, as well as film lovers in general, to learn from the careers and experiences of film industry experts.

F.I.C.Y TALKS conferences address a wide range of film-related topics, such as direction, production, screenwriting, acting, production design, visual effects, sound, music, distribution, marketing and other relevant aspects of the film industry. The special guests are selected for their recognition and experience in the world of cinema, and they are intended to represent a diversity of genres, styles, nationalities and perspectives to enrich the content of the talks.

During the F.I.C.Y TALKS conferences, special guests share their knowledge, anecdotes, advice and reflections on their experience in the film industry, offering an inspiring and enriching vision for the public. Attendees have the opportunity to interact with guests, ask questions, get advice and learn from their film expertise.

The F.I.C.Y TALKS conferences are an important component of the Yopal International Film Festival program, providing an opportunity for the public to draw on the wisdom and experiences of prominent film professionals, and enriching the cultural and educational offering of the festival.

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